UBC Okanagan Space Allocation Committee (OSAC)


The Okanagan Space Allocation Committee (OSAC) is responsible for the efficient and equitable allocation and use of space on the UBC Okanagan campus. The OSAC recognizes the need for guiding principles to inform fulfilling the duties with which it has been charged.


Through careful analysis, collaboration and good decision making the OSAC seeks to allocate space in a manner that:

  • Promotes the academic mission of the University through analysis of existing space and by creating new space that is flexible and adaptable to account for evolving pedagogy
  • Improves the student, faculty and staff experience at the University through good space design
  • Promotes efficient use of University space through the consistent and equitable application of University standards
  • Promotes fiscal responsibility by considering the short and long term costs attributed to space
  • Promotes University sustainability through the reuse of existing spaces and efficient and flexible design of new spaces

Scope of Decision Making

The OSAC’s scope of decision making includes providing recommendations to applicants requesting space in the following:

  • Space allocation within existing buildings where a change of use and / or renovation is proposed.
  • The use of outdoor campus space for academic or research needs.
  • Unique space related requests where no policy exists to inform decision making.

Meeting Schedule

The OSAC meetings will generally be held once each month, at the same time and place when possible. Where holidays or schedule conflicts are identified, an alternate time will be scheduled as appropriate. Meetings may be cancelled upon approval of the committee chair.

Membership and Membership Responsibility

OSAC Members

The OSAC members represent a broad spectrum of the university and decisions are made in the best interest of the university rather than as advocates for a specific division.

The six (6) standing members of the Okanagan Space Allocation Committee include the following:

  • Provost & Vice Principal Academic
  • Vice Principal – Research
  • Associate Vice President – Administration & Finance
  • Associate Vice President – Students
  • Director, Campus Operations & Risk Management
  • Director, Campus Planning & Development


The Provost is responsible for approving meeting agendas, calling meetings to order, facilitating discussions and calling votes. The chairperson may select an alternative standing committee member to act as chairperson in his/her absence.


Each member of OSAC will have one (1) vote. Committee members with a vested interest in an agenda item are required to abstain from voting. A four (4) member quorum of eligible members is required for a vote. The OSAC will render decisions on space proposals and may request additional information or provide the applicant with additional recommendations.

Committee Staff

Campus Planning & Development staff will prepare the meeting agenda, prepare and present space allocation proposals, record meeting summaries and send decision notifications to applicants and operations staff.

Meeting Agenda

OSAC Meetings shall follow a formalised Agenda for each meeting as follows:

  1. Outstanding items from Previous Agenda
  2. New Business – Space Allocation Requests
  3. CFI Project Updates
  4. Upcoming Space Allocation Requests
  5. Confirmation of Next Meeting date

Meeting agenda, proposals and other meeting information to be presented at the OSAC meetings will be circulated via email prior to the scheduled meetings. Supplemental information may be distributed at the meeting.