1. When should I contact Facilities Planning?

You should contact our team when you are in the early stages developing your space change. Facilities Planning is available to answer and assist with all questions and issues relating to space on the UBC Okanagan campus including space planning services, requests for new space, renovations and changes to space.

2. What types of projects require discussion with Facilities Planning?

Here are some examples:

  • Changing an office to a lab, or vice versa
  • Changing a classroom to an office space, or vice versa
  • Renovating an existing space
  • Consolidating two or more spaces into less
  • Adding new workstations to an existing office

3. How do I request space on campus?

Contact Facilities Planning and they will set up a meeting to gather additional information, assess your needs and assist you in preparing a Space Request Form.

4. We require an estimate on renovating a space.  Who should I contact?

Contact Facilities Planning and they will set up a meeting to gather additional information and assist in moving your request forward.

5. Do all Space Requests require Okanagan Space Allocation Committee (OSAC) approval?

No, not all space requests must be presented to OSAC. Requests to change the use of a space or renovate a space within your current allocation may be approved by the Director of Campus Planning and Development. The approval process is dependent on the complexity and details of the request.

6. How often does the Okanagan Space Allocation Committee (OSAC) meet?

The OSAC Committee meets on a monthly basis. Please refer to the OSAC information page for the next meeting date.

7. We require additional office space and would like to divide a large office into two offices.  Where do I start?

Contact Facilities Planning and they would be happy to assist in the planning process and completion of a Space Request Form. Please see Space Request Process for further information.

8. We require a floor plan of our existing space.  Who should I contact?

Contact Facilities Planning.

9. What does a “change of use of space” mean and who should be notified?

A “change of use of space” can be a faculty office changing to a Grad Student office, or an office space being reallocated as storage space. In these examples a Space Request Form is not required, however to ensure the space inventory in OSIS is updated we do request an email be forwarded to Facilities Planning.

In other instances, a “change of use of space” can require the initiation of a Space Request Form. Examples would include:

  • renovating an area to remove or add walls.