Facilities Planning at UBC’s Okanagan campus is responsible for the compilation and administration of space inventory.

The space inventory information gathered from faculties and departments is collected for the University of British Columbia and for the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Advanced Education.

From the B.C. Universities Space Manual: The data on the space inventory at each university, and the activity data (input measures) which are used to determine space requirements as generated by the B.C. University Space Standards are used in a number of ways:

By the University of British Columbia:

  1. For effective management and use of existing facilities,
  2. To support maintenance and operating cost recovery process,
  3. To support the space allocation process,
  4. For planning for future new buildings,
  5. For retirement of obsolete facilities

By the Ministry of Advance Education:

  1. To support new building needs,
  2. For the allocation of capital funding for repair and renovation,
  3. To evaluate building efficiency during design stage,
  4. For cross – university comparison.