Space Request Process

The Space Request Process should be followed when you are requesting additional space, or when a department or faculty is considering renovating or changing the use of an existing space within their current allocation.

Phase 1: Needs Assessment
1 (a)
Pre Application Conversation
  • Applicant to contact Facilities Planning to discuss needs.
  • Early identification of issues as part of needs assessment
Phase 2: Options
2 (a)
Facilities Planning Review
  • Assess project based on functional needs, requested space, campus priorities
  • Criteria for determining project lead (Vancouver or Okanagan) will be based on complexity and workload.
2 (b)
Option Development
  • Options developed / User group meeting
2 (c)
Internal Review
  • Options circulated to internal UBCO departments (as required)
2 (d)
High Level Estimate
  • Cost estimate completed by Okanagan Project Services / Facilities
2 (e)
Concept Refinement
  • Plan refined to satisfaction of Applicant
Phase 3: Approval
4 (a)
Space Decision
  • Work with applicant to complete Space Request Form
  • Take to either:
    • Space Allocation Committee for input, recommendations, or approval
      Campus Planning & Development Director sign off
Phase 4: Project Delivery
5 (a)
Project Services Implementation
  • Project handed over to Project Services for completion