University Centre Intensification

The planning for this project has been undertaken in consideration of several of the observations and recommendations from the 2012 UBC Okanagan Facilities Study.

  • That intensification of existing office areas occur through considered alterations and renovations following UBC space management standards – to better serve office areas functionality.
  • That intensification in UNC continues.
  • That Fipke be consolidated with academic uses.
  • In view of the duty to accommodate, provide a dedicated exam room for the Disability Resource Centre.

Project Objectives:

  • Moving International Programs and Services from Fipke frees up space for research or academic uses and consolidates Student Services units into UNC.
  • Addressing space and ergonomic concerns with a new front counter design. The new design will provide additional space in the foyer to enable a “Welcome Centre” for prospective and current students. This space will also be combined with a connection to the proposed Okanagan Commons project.
  • Intensification of International and Domestic recruitment offices, moving from individual offices to shared office or open workstations.Additional shared meeting rooms with primary use to recruitment.
  • Intensification of Enrolment Services office space to consolidate groups into one location. This frees up space on second floor for future need.
  • Renovation of space for Disability Resource Centre with private offices and dedicated exam space.
  • Providing Ombudsperson and Equity offices with private access.
  • Shared meeting room upgrade to accommodate Thesis Defense and BOG and Senate Committees.
Area Description
UNC215 New Access into private offices for Ombudsman and Equity functions
UNC217 Improved UNC front counter. Tied to UNC 322 intensification
UNC222 Intensification of International and Domestic Recruitment units
UNC227 Renovations for International Programs and Services function
UNC322 Enrolment Services reorganization and office intensification
UNC214 New Disability Resource Centre offices, exam space
UNC334 Meeting room upgrade to provide Thesis Defense Room

The Intensification will take place in two Phases with an approximate completion date of January, 2016.

  • Phase 1 will include renovations to the Disability Resource Centre, Ombudsman and Equity Offices, Enrolment Services and the Student Service Desk.
  • Phase 2 will include renovations to Domestic and International Recruitment and International Programs.