Summer Departmental Relocations

Eight departments have relocated over the summer months to new locations on campus including the Alumni, Equity and Inclusion Office, Research Computing, College of Graduate Studies, Interdisciplinary Co-op Education, Continuing and Professional Education, Campus Planning and Procurement offices.


Department Changes:

Department Old Location New Location
Alumni ADM 100B & 100C IA1
Equity and Inclusion Office N/A ADM 100B & 100C
Research Computing ADM 103 OM2
College of Graduate Studies EME 2121 OM2
Interdisciplinary Co-op Education EME 4157 EME 2171
Continuing and Professional Education N/A ADM 106
Campus Planning OM1 ADM 002
Procurement ADM 002 OM1


Building Codes:

Building Name Building Code
Campus Administration Building ADM
Engineering, Management and Education EME
Office Modular 1 OM1
Office Modular 2 OM2
Innovation Annexation 1 IA1